June BuJo set-up

Hi there!

I finally found a way to make my bullet journal look professional and pretty! Well, at least I think so.

I did a massive change in my BuJo this month. A big part of it was tested out in my ‘experiment BuJo‘, of wich I discussed the results of in this post. I made the decision that I am not coloring my weekly spreads anymore, since that went terribly wrong last month (whoopsie). The color will now come from my trackers and my color code.

May review

The only thing I changed (compared to the month before) was my weekly layout. It was simple, calm looking and I had lots of space to write notes and mood triggers. But I needed to change it a bit, since I’m starting a habit tracker next month. So I tweaked the trackers in my weekly spread to fit a mini habit tracker in there. I’m sure that I’ll forget to fill it in if I don’t see it every time I open my journal!

My findings for this month is that I’m getting close to a really good way to make life organised and functional. This layout does need a few more tweaks to make it perfect, but I’m taking my time to make sure that I’m doing it right. I think/hope that the habit tracker will be a big step in the right direction. Also the less frequent presence of bright colors will help making bullet journaling a calm and simple part of organising.
But that was last month, I want to show you how the experiment from March has changed my current bullet journal layout. Let’s get down to the good stuff!

Intro page


I finally had enough courage to make a fancy spread for this month. I really liked to draw the flowers and making these pages look good. It isn’t perfect, but it will do for a first try. The only thing that really annoys me is that I accidentally swapped the pages. The June page is supposed to be on the left page, and the calender on the right. At least it looks decent! :p

Sleep, habits, money and goals trackers

sleep and habit tracker

money and goals

All the trackers are now at the front of this month. I used to put the money and sleep tracker in the front, and the goals and monthly calender in the back. I hope that this will be easier since they are all in one place. The habit tracker will hopefully help me with getting a good and healthy lifestyle and daily routine.

Weekly spreads


As you can see, everything is drawn in black fineliner (no more markers!), and the color comes from the color code and trackers. I use the same layout as last month, but I added the mini habit tracker. If you look closely you’ll see that I drew small icons to show what I’m tracking.


And that’s it! I hope that this months layout will stick and work out great!

See you in the next post!


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