Finance tracking

Hi there!

I started bullet journaling with the idea to keep track of my emotions, sleep, money and ofcourse my planning. Since the money part is actually growing to two pages (one page for my expences per month and a spread to visualize my balance) instead of just a page for my expences. And since I find it really helpful, I thought I’d show it to you how I do it!

Expense tracking

slaap en geld tracker

I use this page to write down everything I spend and the amount of money that I get on a monthly basis. This helps me to see if I’m spending too much, and where I can stop spending too much money on. It is really easy and helpful, but I wanted something like a graph to see my balance change every month and if it is related to something (like birthdays and such). But also to see for myself that I’m terrible at saving money (whoops).

So I invented the following spread:

Savings and balance spread


This spread has room for 11 months (even though I really want a full year in there *sigh*).

On the left page is a big chart where I fill in the numbers per category:


  • Spotify subscription
  • Travel
  • Gifts
  • Food
  • Savings
  • Clothes
  • Activities
  • School
  • Other


  • Salary
  • Internship
  • Other


  • Income
  • Spendings
  • Balance

Next to the chart are two bars that represent the money that I want to save. I can colour in one box for every €50 I save. Hopefully it wil be full soon!

And last but certainly not least: the graph! I used a maximum of +€240 and a minimum of -€70. This can be altered to fit a lot of different balances.

The graph will have three lines that match the total category of the chart:

  • A green line for income
  • A red line for expenses
  • A purple line for balance

What I want to accomplish with the graph is that I can see when I spend more money than I get, and how it affects my balance in general. My goal for this is to have a nice purple line far above the €0 marge. I hope that it will help me on the long run.

And thats it! See you in the next post!


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