Improving my handwriting: part 1

Hi there!

I saw this video from Boho Berry a while back where she talks about her calligraphy practice, and since I want to alter my handwriting from the moment I could write, I thought I’d give it a try.

I did a lot of research, skimmed through instagram profiles and blogs, and figured that I would begin with looking at the way that I write now. I printed some sheets of French lined paper and started to write the alphabet a few times. I wanted to use this kind of paper because I used it when I started to learn how to write, and I found it really helpful to stay in between the lines and to write small. It does have some rules, but I wrote them down to help me remember how to use it properly.

Then I looked up in what style I do want to write. I want to change my normal everyday handwriting, but also want to learn how to write really fancy in cursive. That did narrow down my search, but there still are a lot of different types of handwriting to choose from!

I figured it would be the easiest way to learn the handwriting from Boho Berry, since I started my journey at her blog and youtube account. The French ruled paper did come in handy here, because she has a video specially about this type of paper.

I searched her Pinterest, Instagram and blog to find pictures to use as a reference. Here are some of the photos I picked:

#RockYourHandwriting Day 4: Favorite Word  Loving the first drill day of the challenge! And I  my favorite word, too ☺️ Serendipity also happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time... #handwriting #cursivewriting #fountainpen #twsbi #rhodiadotpad #handwritingpractice #cursive #fauxcalligraphy:


But I didn’t stay at Boho Berry, I went through the official Bullet Journal site and found some posts about improving your handwriting. I found some tips that I am going to use in this journey:

  • Use a steady work surface to write.
  • Write down long texts (quotes, song lyrics, etc.)
  • Write slow and practice any time you need to write. Even when you fill in forms.
  • Participate in handwriting challenges, like ‘Rock Your Handwriting’.

I also found a lot of posts that I have read a few times, and will use to make my handwriting a lot nicer:

And thats it for now! See you in the next post!


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