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I did a kind of similar post a little while back, where I made a list of 50 collections you can put in your bullet journal. But in this post, I will show multiple examples of the same collection and some blogs that I read a lot.

Let’s get down to the good stuff!

New month:

Autumn Sign inspiration                                                                                                                                                                                 More:


Bullet Journal Journey — It’s February:


My September Set Up in my Bullet Journal: Going back to some layouts I've used in the past and I loved, plus adding some new sections. - www.christina77star.co.uk:


pinterest: ems__h                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr:


bullet journal first page:



Month at a glance:



July monthly spread. Since I am going on a long trip this month that will…:


Bullet Journal Monthly Spread - Example:


Bullet Journal Monthly Spread - Example




BuJo Monthly Layout - Inspiration





Tracking goals:

This is my favorite spread in my bullet journal so far - since I wasn't about to buy a compass for one spread, I had to get a little creative, but I love the way it turned out! I use it for affirmations and creating my habit tracker. Also I just like look:


See how I re-created my Level 10 Life spread in my Bullet Journal, plus 7 amazing Level 10 Life spreads for your inspiration - www.christina77star.co.uk:


jtraftonart: Finally a little vacation time to break into my new journal. #bulletjournal #bujo #bujocommuni:


Build a Budget Tracker for your Dream Vacation with your Bullet Journal:


Bullet journalling was created by Ryder Carroll  and it's basically a notebook system which incorporates planning, organising, list-makin...:




Weekly spread:

Trying something a bit different this week and I love how it came out  Inspired by the very talented @_fsalmon  By the way my #zebramildliner highlighters came through the post and I'm obsessed!!!:


Weekly Planner: Neat running list on the right side of the page.:


Definitions of things like "dutch door" and "ghosting" can be found on my bullet journal glossary. Photo credit: Tessa Stoop:




weekly spread -- boho berry:


Next week's spread, ready to go #bulletjournal #bujo #bujoweekly #weeklyspread #floraltheme #february #journal #weeklylayout #bulletjournalspread:



Daily spreads:

Changes made in my daily in prepare for moving it to my Hobonichi in 2017. Yes, I'm migrating my monthly planner and dailies to Hobonichi A6, there will be no more parallel time ladder as I foreseen because of the available space and my schedule. I will only plan my day in my mind and keep my time ladder for the actual activities I have done. It's very important for me to track my work time to calculate the time cost I used for each of my artwork. So, am I going to abandon bullet journal? NO...:


What a week with my new dailies looks like (swipe for close up) _________________ #planwithme #planner #journal #bulletjournal #bulletjournalcommunity #plannercommunity #plannernerd #planneraddict #bulletjournaljunkies #minimalistbujo #showmeyourplanner #bujoinspire #gradstudent #researchlife #studygram #studyblr #studyspo #bulletjournaldailylog:


Close up! #plsdontteasemejack #bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling…:


Bullet Journal:



recycledpaperstars: “ 11.03.15 // Trying another new layout this month! Exams have been killer, sorry I haven’t been around very much. :( ”:



Tracking habits etc.:

1,594 Likes, 28 Comments - Natasha Otteson (@knitashajanice) on Instagram: “My habit tracker for April. Inspiration comes straight from @tinyrayofsunshine. I knew I wanted to…”:



*sighs happily for days*:


Sieh dir dieses Instagram-Foto von @plannerholics an • Gefällt 189 Mal:


Beautiful healthy habit tracker from @gettingorganized_bujo #Repost @gettingorganized_bujo ・・・ my healthy habits of october :blush: i tracked my sleep, my kcal intake and consumption, steps and workout hours. it worked pretty well for me and i'll keep up:


Bullet Journal Collections - Keeping track of my sleep with this sleep log.:




Financial tracking:

Suivi des dépenses:


Great idea to keep track of your Bills/Finances/Expenses in your Bullet Journal®  Now that fall (my all time favorite) is here, I feel a bit refreshed and ready to have the warm and fuzzies back that my #bujo gives me.  Here is one spread that I feel will be nice to have. It's not as if I need the reminders or help in this area.:


bullet journal bills tracker:


bullet journal budgeting monthly budget august:


Getting Organised with a Bullet Journal - Milk and Nappies:





Calendex Bullet Journal - Wundertastisch:


For all the minimal bullet journal inspiration you need! #minimalistbujo to be featured & feel free to join the FB group Minimalist Bullet Journals.:


Sleep Tracker for your Bullet Journal (BuJo).:


This tracker for making sure you keep up on the things you should be doing waaay more often, tbh::





Blogs/youtube channels that I read and follow:


And that’s it! See you in the next post!


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