My little BuJo experiment ~ the results

Hi there!

I wrote a post a little while ago about my setup for March and my little experiment. It has given me a lot of ideas and inspiration, and it also gave me an insight if my plans work as well. And it was quite a messy and weird chaos from the beginning until the very end.

Let’s jump in to the good stuff!

My very first new idea:


I added this page to reflect on the month. What I accomplished, what I was proud of, what I found difficult or challenging to do and some habits I want to start, stop and continue doing. But then the important thing; did it work? Yes and no.

As you can see, I did fill out most of the items, except the ‘most challenging’ item. I did that because I found the ‘personal struggles’ to be a bit the same and I don’t want to write the same things over and over again.

I had the same problem with ‘accomplished’ and ‘most proud of’, so I think I need to change things up a little bit if I want to continue doing this page.

I will keep this page in my next experiment to find out if I can find other things to review every month.

The sleep and habits page
exp.1 habits ingevuld

I absolutely love  this page! I kept the sleep log the same, but the habit and step tracker on the other page helps a lot to understand how I feel. I first started my bullet journal because I wanted to keep track of my sleeping routine and how I felt, and this is definitely a big step forward to the ultimate tracker!

This page will also go to the next experiment to see if I can tweak it and maybe make it even better! But I’m really shure that this tracker will also go into my ‘real’ bullet journal.


I made this page to write down how much I work and other things that I find useful in one place.

And it actually helped me calculate my paycheck, checking if all my hours are counted in and how much tax I had to pay.

I do want to change it up a bit, because I have too much space to write my hours, and no space to calculate my paycheck. I will continue this page in my next experiment, but with a new layout.

The new weekly spread

exp.1 weekly ingevuld

I really think that this is the best weekly spread for me. Every item I want to track or plan had a special place, wich is not the case for the spread that I have in my ‘real’ bullet journal. I really love that I have a lot of space to write everything down. I did struggle with putting the habit tracker in a nice but also convenient place. So maybe I’ll change the layout of the right page, I just haven’t planned out how.

I won’t continue this page in my next experiment, because it is going straight to my ‘real’ bullet journal! I hope that it will continue to be awesome.

All the new and old pages are inspired by my Pinterest feed. If you’re interested, you can follow my Pinterest so you can stay up-to-date with my inspiration.

And that’s it! See you in the next post!


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