50 collections you can put in your bullet journal

Buying stuff for your bullet journal can be difficult, since there are billions of things you can choose from online and in stores. But do you know what is even harder then picking the right washi tapes? Figuring out what you want to write down and track in your bullet journal.

Some people use their bujo as a planner, some as a journal to write about your day, and some use them as a planner and a journal or even something else. All these ideas and layouts are often posted online so you can look at it and choose if you want to do that same page in your bullet journal too. You can tweak it and use different fonts to take a picture of it and put it online… again! So you can guess how many different collections must have been written down already!

Alot of blogs have a post dedicated to collections, but also have catogories like meditating and pages for your kids. But since I’m a student (and not a mom) and do not like to stretch my body in weird positions, I often skip the biggest part of the list. So I’m going to make my own list of collections that may be a bit more helpful for students, teens or just busy people in general that consists mostly of mental health, planning and school and/or work related things.

Let’s get down to the good stuff:

Mental health:

  1. Gratitude log
  2. Year in pixels
  3. Sleep log
  4. Un-do list
  5. Monthly review
  6. Level 10 life
  7.  Mood mandala
  8.  Mood  triggers and responses
  9.  Brain dump
  10.  To read/to watch/etc. list


  1. Weekly log
  2. Month at a glance
  3. Year at a glance
  4. Daily log
  5. Project log
  6. To-do list
  7. Calendex
  8. Birthdays/appointments
  9. Goals
  10.  Reminders


  1. Phone numbers/email adress
  2. Semester overview
  3. School schedule
  4. Time log
  5. Work schedule + salary
  6.  I want to learn to…
  7.  Useful websites/books list
  8.  Mindmap
  9. Study timetable
  10. Difficult words/words to remember


  1. Habit tracker
  2. Depression tracker
  3. Period tracker
  4. Spending tracker
  5. Financial habit tracker
  6. When did I last…
  7. Step count
  8. Water intake
  9. Savings log/tracker
  10. Waiting on list

Home and cleaning:

  1. Cleaning schedule
  2. Cleaning tracker
  3. Grocery list
  4. Meal planner
  5. Bills overview


  2. 3 year plan
  3. Memory page
  4. Dream journal
  5. Bucket list

*note: I do not own these links, I found the articles on Pinterest. All credits go to the writers.

I added an example to almost every item listed to give you an idea what I mean. If you still don’t know how you want to write something down, just google the collection you want to add and read some blogs, I found that really helpful.

I hope that I have helped you figure out what you want to track and write down. I struggled with that a lot when I started my bullet journal, which is not a bad thing, but can get really confusing. Just don’t try to do all of them at the same time! :p

And that’s it! See you in the next post!


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