Stationery stuff


def. foto stationairy

Let’s talk stationery!

I don’t use a lot of stuff, because I travel a lot and I don’t want a heavy backpack filled with pens, markers and pencils.

For my bullet journal I use these Stabilo point 88 fineliners and I just absolutely love them. The line is really thin, the colours are really pretty and the ink dries quick so you don’t have to wait a long time. I don’t take these with me because I don’t want them to break or dry out too quickly, that’s why I bought other fineliners from HEMA to take over the traveling part.

Next are the pencils, wich are surprisingly also from Stabilo! *gasp* I just use them to make my pages less plain and to waste some time when I’m bored. These also have pretty colours that match some of my fineliners.

I don’t use other pencils to sketch my pages first, I just go for it with my black fineliner. Sometimes that doesn’t work out in the best way but if it looks stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid!

I use a black A5 sized Moleskine with a dotted grid. I already bought my next notebook, wich is a blue Leuchtturm 1917, wich also is A5 sized with a dot grid. I love them both equally, but I do like it that the Leuchtturm has stickers to label and archive the notebook, and that it is available in lots and lots of pretty colors.

And that’s it! Maybe I’ll buy some new stuff in the future when I try to make my bullet journal look prettier, but for now this will do.

See you in the next post!


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