My bullet journal ~ six months in

Hi there!

I thought that it’s about time I show you my bullet journal! I am now using this system for over six months (even though it feels as two years!) and in that time, alot has changed and has been experimented with. And to this moment it has been a hell of an effective splash of creativity.

But first, if you don’t know what a bullet journal is, I’d recommend that you visit the official bullet journal website and watch the video. There are also plenty of blogs, youtube channels and Instagram accounts about it if you want to see how other people use this system.

Pretty much evertything I write down in my notebook is inspired by lovely photos from Pinterest. I did change some things up in a way that I thought would work the best for me. At first I was experimenting a lot with my weekly page and collections because I wanted to track everything. Really. Everything. (rookie mistake, I know). After a month I realised that that was never going to work out so I changed it up. My weekly layout went from one page per week to two pages per week, a lot of collections disappeared and it became more and more efficient.

What I like the most about my bullet journal is the pixel page and sleep log. I just love to look back and figure out why I was feeling sad, happy or sleepy, and try to figure out if my sleeping routine and feelings are linked in some way.

At this point I am pretty stable and I can manage all my collections very well, so in the near future there will be some new collections. I am planning to add a more specific financial tracker, a habit tracker, and a tracker for work and school. Hopefully it will work out so that my school planning will become less crappy.

And that’s it! I will keep you posted on any progress.

See you in the next post!


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