March setup and experiment

Hi there!

Let’s just jump in and get to the good stuff!

Normally someone has just one bullet journal to jot everything down they want to keep track of, right? I normally do too, but for March I did something different. I used two notebooks as a bullet journal, one of them is my ‘real’ bujo, the other one is my experiment bujo. I wanted to test if my ideas work and if I can keep up before I put it in my ‘real’ bullet journal.

This is what I added:



  • A monthly review page, so I can look back and write down what I accomplished, what I am proud of, what I found difficult or challenging and some habits I want to start, stop or continue doing.


  • A sleep and habits page. I have a sleep log in my ‘real’ bujo, but I wanted to include a habit tracker and a monthly step log. So I made this double-page badass that I actually really like. I just need to figure out what I really want and need to put in my habit tracker.


  • A work log, so that I can write down when and how long I worked, if I took a break and how I felt during work. I also have the space to calculate if my paycheck is correct.


  • A new weekly spread. I saw this pin from Boho Berry that had two different spaces to plan your week. So I thought, why not divide it into a ‘personal’ and ‘school’ column? Well, it certainly did not dissapoint. I really like that I have my school stuff filtered out of my personal agenda.

Some pages are still the same as my ‘real’ bullet journal. I kept my month at a glance page, money tracker and goals the same as always. You can see what they look like in this post.

All the new and old pages are inspired by my Pinterest feed. If you’re interested, you can follow my Pinterest so you can stay up-to-date with my inspiration.

And that’s it! See you in the next post!



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